The Journey of the Artist Way

Yesterday as I wrote out my long Instagram post about how Julia Cameron’s book The Artist Way is challenging me, I decided I wanted to blog about it.  It has been a long time since I have let myself be challenged in my mindset about writing.  I usually take the generic I am not good enough approach and tuck away all encouragements. Firmly I have placed my feet on the ground of success scares me, and being a good writer is a cute thing I want to do but not anything I have the actual gift for.

Life changes you though, and transitions oddly seem to open doors you don’t ever expect.  So here I am, putting my mind and will to the practice to taking my feet off the path of success scares me.  Dedicating myself to loosening the encouragements I have so neatly tucked away….allowing them to be the voices inside of my head.  Quieting the ones that have become my complacent comfort over the years.

The Artist Way has been the best place to start. I am throughly and irritatingly enjoying walking through this process. Julia’s encouragements, and the tasks she sets you to, are good.  They are much like a doing a workout video except it is more emotional and creative.  For the first time in my life, I am excited to see what comes out of me. Who I could possibly be at the end of this creative process!

For those of you who read my Instagram post yesterday.  I did my three pages today.  I had about 5 REALLY REALLY good reason not to.  I did them though, and it was good!

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