Dear Readers,

If you are still there….thank you. If you have moved onto to other great and better blogs, I do not blame you. Five months of nothing in this fast paced world is a thing. No hard feelings felt.

To those that are still here, still checking in, there is just as much to say as there isn’t.   A part of our transition to the south has brought our family to a halt, sitting us into a season of rest.  A rest that we haven’t known before, actually I think I have been to its shores, just dipping my toes in but afraid to immerse myself in it.  Shauna Niequist writes a great book titled “Present Over Perfect” in which she delicately shares her stories of finding rest in her fast paced world.  When I first read it I wasn’t sure it applied to me, I didn’t see my world as fast paced, I wasn’t exactly turning down speaking request or writing my second book.  However the more I read I uncovered that I live a fast pace life in my heart and when my pace inside doesn’t match the outside, shame becomes the voice I hear. That shame pushes and exhausts.  I highly suggest reading the book: Present Over Perfect.  Today, as I sit in the place of rest, as my family sits in the rest, we are finally free.  I sleep until 8 during the weekdays, we sleep until 9:30 on the weekends, we have become homebody’s for no other reason other than there is connection in it for us. The best part, shame and guilt are no longer voices I allow to speak into this.  No ‘you should go here’ and ‘do this because you can’.  I simply quiet the pushing that exhausts. This won’t be the way it is always, it is what is now, and I want to relish in it; appreciate it for what it is bringing Charles, Isaac and I.

Our life the last 6 years has been a true marathon,  a test of sorts of the desire to survive and then thrive in that survival. This rest, has allowed us as a family to fully understand the survival we have lived in, the cost it has taken on our family and the tenderness of the Lord as we watch Him care for us into what it is like to live.  To simply live with passion, love, and balance.   There is a blog in here somewhere about the beauty of what God has been building inside our little family of 3. The fascinating things He has been revealing while in respite.

Until then, let me leave you with this…our Father in heaven, the one who built the seas and the tiniest of creatures who lives within. The one who grows out legs, heals blind eyes, and bring speech to those who can’t speak. The one who restores the broken hearts and who speaks love in a language so individual to the person. Him…He is also thoughtful.  Not just big vision thoughtful…but micro vision thoughtful; like that time that someone brought you a coffee at work because they thought you just might want one. The time your significant other thought to do that thing that you hate doing, just so you didn’t have to do it that one time. When you thought you had a meeting but realized you schedule wrong and you accidentally gave yourself an hour where no one needed you.  Yeah, he loves us that way also because he is thoughtful.


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