9 years

“years ago I would have been petrified of this moment….of making vows to another person. To give myself to another because I believed it meant the death of my dreams and calling unless they matched who I married. You have given me an opportunity to fight some deep rooted fears. My viewpoint on marriage and what it truly means has changed.
I won’t have your normal ‘I promise to follow you all the days of my life vows’. Or I will blindly trust your every decisions without question. But you will have the fiery promises of my heart, my conscious choice, and my undying love”.

View More: http://jackvu.pass.us/weddingcharleskatie

I have never spoken more truer words then the spoken words above. Let’s just pretend that I said them 9 years ago, when we first stood together and said ‘yes no matter what’. Let’s pretend that I had the maturity and where with all to say them then. Let’s pretend that it didn’t take 9 years of marriage for me to grasp how deep fear ran in my bones, and how hard it would to be to let it go. But let’s not pretend however hard it has been, beautiful is the only way to describe it now. That although we are continually works in progress, our value for who we are individually and as a couple has only grown. We have made each other better, by loving unconditionally and exposing our greatest fears. A good marriage demands vulnerability, and there is no other person I would want to face that with then you.

Your flaws are many and I could list them so the world would know no marriage although beautifully written about is perfect. And visa versa you could write mine. Today though I don’t want to think about showing a perfect or non perfect marriage. Today is simply a thank you, a day of appreciation for the day we chose to say yes and for every yes after that.

Happy 9 years babe!


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