Vow Renewal

Well if I were being honest it was more like a wedding, then a vow renewal.

Some of you may know and some of you may not know, Charles and I’s first wedding was absolutely run by another person.  Not like a wedding planner person, or an overbearing parent person, but by a person who it was his way or we were horrible people and God might not love us anymore. It’s a really long story, you can read a part of it here The Story of Us.   So although we did get to have a ceremony and we had some people there, they we’re all people approved by him. Our families were not allowed or invited, nor were our past friends.  We even handed over our right to write our own wedding vows.   We were not allowed to kiss at the alter, or really even touch for that fact. We lived under a lot of fear and control, it was pretty intense.

Needless to say after we left that man and his family; and as the years have gone on, we have wanted to throw another wedding.  For us a real wedding.  One where we spoke the vows of our hearts, the promises we want our friends to hold us in account to.  I wanted to be able to look out to see those who watched us walk through fire and celebrate our yes together.

When Charles and I said yes to moving to GA, we also said yes (after much encouragement from our friends) to throw a wedding/vow renewal.  I say this to say, they made it happen.  Candess Marinello took the few ideas I could give her for what I wanted and created an amazing space with one of the only open buildings spaces in Redding in January.  Rebekah and her would meet and we would plan.  They would encourage me and when it all seemed too much they would stand the ground, of this is going to be really good.

And it was.  My brother flew out to walk me down the aisle. My mom, my sister and her kids came up and spent the weekend with us.  Charles parents, sister and aunt flew out to be there. My extended family traveled from hours away.  Three of my closest friends stood up with me along with my sister, and three of Charles closest stood up with him.

It was one of the best days. And here is the video to prove it.

Charles and Katie Wedding Video




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