120 days came and went

120 days flew by in a whirlwind of school events, work, and transitions.  As much as I would like to write a whole novel of the revelatory things the Lord has been downloading into my heart…this morning is already a full one.  With 150 days just around the corner I hope to etch out time to sit and write…putting to paper what has been stirring within.

For today, I want to just share this Garth Brooks song.  A friend of mine posted it on my Facebook wall, a friend who can understand so many parts of our journey with Katie Grace in such a tangible way.  I didn’t respond simple because I did not have the words, I am fairly sure she understood. As I sit here missing Katie Grace, aching to hold her, franticly wondering if there is anything that I could clench that would even slightly help my arms to feel her in them again; I let this song play in the background. I ask my heart to take peace in the knowledge that her and I even got to meet.  That my arms had the chance to know what she felt like in them.  That my skin knows that softness of her cheeks. My eyes have seen the astounding beauty of her red hair.  I ask my heart and my arms, to breathe, and be grateful once again that she came and let me be her mom.

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