We have decided

Death is a word that is common in our house.

“When Katie Grace dies,”

“Momma is Katie Grace going to die.”

“We have to plan for her death”

“Gosh I don’t know how we are going to do this. Preparing for the death of your child is unlike anything I have ever experienced.”

We talk a lot about death in our home. It has kind of become our norm. We are growing weary though….so exhausted….of using that word.

Charles and I just have to wonder….is she really dying?

Websters’ dictionary defines death as: the end of life : the time when someone or something dies

: the ending of a particular person’s life.

Is Katie Grace last breath here on earth really the end?

We have decided that it isn’t. Death isn’t the end for Katie Grace.

Jesus conquered death when he died on the cross. He took the power out of it being the end of someone’s life.  He gave death a whole other meaning.  Death has always carried this level of sadness….a power almost. It is something that is avoided, feared, mourned, and hated. Jesus redeemed all of that.  He took away the power of what death does and we are missing a piece of the Kingdom when we don’t make peace with what He.  He didn’t empower us with only a physical power over death but with an emotional one.  He gave us the ability to be sad and rejoice at the same time.  He gave us hope admist the sadness.  He opened the doors to Heaven, showing us there is no end for those who know Him.   It’s like running a race…..when someone crosses the finish line we rejoice. We clap, we say congratulations, we jump and scream….we rejoice.   We don’t cry, or offer our condolences….we don’t mourn that the race is over…..we rejoice.  In a way death should be treated much the same way.  My Katie Grace is running a race…she is on mile 20 of a 26.2 marathon and when she crosses that finishing line. I have decided to REJOICE.

We have decide to call it a graduation.  Katie Grace is simply graduating from her place here on earth..to her place in heaven.  Her life isn’t over….her purpose isn’t over.  The only thing that ends is the limitations of her physical body. When her race is finished, we will lay her physical body to rest.   It’s not that we won’t miss that physical body.  It’s not that we aren’t sad or aren’t  going to want her back.  We will feel all of these feelings, we will weep. We will want one more day, one more moment, one more sloppy smile, one more pitiful cry, one more moment to swing, to snuggle. We will want.

Then we will decide to rejoice.

4 thoughts on “We have decided

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  1. Katie – I love you and your family! You guys are so amazing and strong and wonderful and blessed. Your words are so full of truth and grace. From experience, I can tell you that after the tears, you will rejoice! Thanks for putting to words what many have not understood. Love you guys! – Kami


    1. Kami–we love you. As someone who sat with us in that first year with her…that means alot! Your story has been one I have leaned into…when I cant imagine how you move on….I think of ya’ll and Cole and how his life is still touching and transforming people


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