Ashland or Bust

We have lived in Redding almost six years now and have had yet to venture up to Oregon and cross that state line. Ashland, Oregon is only about two and half hours from Redding which is just about the same as Sacramento….a drive I have done way to many times!

Charles and I kind of decided last minute that we could totally do a day trip up to Ashland so we did! It was fantastic! Katie Grace did great…Isaac did great… And it was amazing to be away as a family.

We visited this awesome place called the ScienceWorks is basically heaven for kids. They can touch everything and learn how thing works and why they work! Isaac loved it. Katie Grace wasn’t a fan of all the lighting and stimulation but she held her own for her brother😀




Daddy playing in the bubbles
This little hand❤️❤️❤️



Charging equipment…it happens 😂😂


Found a bathroom with spectacular autumn lighting…so I took a selfie!
Isaac’s new friend
Burning fires turned the sun red! Isaac thought it was the neatest thing.
Gotta love Notthern California


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