New Trend

They say that laughter is one of the best medicines. I believe them. In honor of that, I have decided to start a new trend. I am going to call it hospital stay-cations. All my hashtags, photos, updates…etc etc will somehow have the note name stay-cation and the year. I think it’s a part of living while running with Katie Grace.

If every hospital trip was traumatic, every unknown unbearable, every comfort robbing situation, every plan changing moment as horrible as they feel in the moment….life would be sad. And I refuse to let sadness be the definition of my daughters life.

Hospital stay-cations are the perfect solution. It’s like taking your hand into the bucket of sugar Jesus is holding and pouring it into the lemon juice in your cup. You still are drinking lemon juice when you place that cup to your lips, however have decided how much sweetness you are going to take in.

Personally I love sugar!!

So right now we are at sutterstaycation2014. The long and short is Katie Grace’s left lung basically collapsed. Her body could not release the CO2, so it started to build up making her tired all the time. The doctors aren’t sure what is in her lungs that made it collapse. They expected to see more infection then they did when they looked at them. They did a culture and we are waiting for the results. Right now they are massaging her lungs with a super cool looking 50s designed machine to hopefully open up that lung again. Her CO2 numbers are under control and it’s a waiting game right now.

Her care is labor intensive but we have a great team of nurses and all the coffee and water we can drink. I love the roll out hospital beds and I purchased a hospital appropriate lounge outfit. One that you can sleep in and then wear all the next day. Thank you target. Breakfast will be served here in the next hour or two and the day will begin. Sugar in lemon water

Just to clarify this isn’t our favorite…being 3 hours from our home…being away from our Isaac…being displaced and having few answers not our favorite. However we are here and we are going to continue to live. We are going to continue to laugh. We are going to continue.

Sutter-staycation 2014!

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