We went anyway

I don’t nearly have enough time to write all that is on my heart to write.  Showers need to be got, beds need to be made, meds need to be given, marathon packets need to get picked up, and a beach needs to be visited.

Be we are here.  All of us.

It wasn’t the easiest of decision to leave.  Katie Grace did not give us much hope as we packed up yesterday morning.  She laid there in her nap nanny….lethargic and worn out. The day hadn’t even begun. 

Then her fever picked back up. 

And again Charles and I had to sit down and do a parental inventory.  Is this wise? Do we make her go anyway? Do we cancel the whole thing? Do I just go with Isaac leaving him and her home? 

In the deepest part of my bones, I knew we just needed to go.  There was this still voice that just kept saying…keep packing…keep moving.  She will turn it around.  Go…Go…Go.

So we did.

And we are here. She is here.  We took her swimming yesterday in the hotel pool. And things are perfect. She still isn’t the picture of health.  We might still grace the doors of an urgent care here in Fortuna or Eureka.

However we are here, and we made it through the night.  As I sit here and I write this I am watching her 5 year old brother playfully sit next to her on the hotel bed as she gets her percussion treatment.  He is laying his head on the pink vest and making fun noises as his voice bounces and waves with the movement. He is beside himself with laughter.

This will not be a trip he forgets. 

Nor I.

(Hopefully some beach pictures are next 🙂


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