We didn’t really mean to hide her…it seems it was just apart of our journey for a time.  In the beginning Katie Grace needed the silence….the solitude….the ability to rest.  Overstimulation was not her friend and at many points more then one person was over stimulating.

So we placed her in the back, in our bedroom.  It became her refuge.  Her place to recover.

This has been her world for the past two years:

2014-04-08 08.52.26 2014-04-08 08.04.02-1 2014-04-08 08.03.42-1 2014-04-08 08.03.59-1

It has been restoring.

It was in this room that we got our good first night sleep.  That our Ellie, Alana, and Kelly came in, loved on, and helped nurture our girl into a place of better health.  In this room we have had uneasy days, restless nights and the worst of her seizures we have ever seen. We have also had our first smiles, our first hand movements and many cuddles.  This room has been a sanctuary of restoration and recovery.  It has guarded and protected our girl until she was ready.

Today she is ready. In this journey of living while running, it is time to move her out of her room.  It is time for her to be surrounded with the sounds of daily life.  Ringing door bells, ringing phones, daddy home for lunch, loud brother, friends over. She is recovered enough, she is strong enough.

It is time for the hiddenness to go.

It is time for her to be in the center of it all and as soon as it is all set-up (hopefully by this Thursday) I will post pictures for ya’ll.

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