It’s not that your perfect; your quite possibly the most stubborn person I have ever met.

It’s not that you do everything just the way that I like it, or that we are always on the same page. Many times we find ourselves on different chapters or on the same page but on different lines.

My need to have a schedule and order can sometimes feel like I have placed your life in a vice grip and it is slowly closing in on you, crushing all sense of vitality and adventure.

Your view of freedom through lack of planning and the unknown places a fear in the depths of my bones that creates a whirlwind of chaos.

We can be saying the same thing but in such contrasting languages we have to say it for 30 minutes before we realize we are speaking the same heart.

Sometimes you spend all of yourself at work and there is little left for us when you get home.

Sometimes you get defensive and occasionally it silences me.

It’s not that you are perfect, sometimes you are more like a slice of Swiss cheese, full and sturdy on some places and then gaping holes other places.


It’s that you stay. Emotionally and physically.

It’s that you believe in me and when it’s hard to believe in me, you believe in us.

I needed a man whose faithfulness could stand in the face of my pain.

I didn’t need someone to do the work for me or  rescue me. I already know the one who has the answers.

I needed someone to stay. Whose stubbornness could withhold the torrent of all of that was to come in the process of healing.

I didn’t know how atrocious the storm would get. I didn’t know how detrimental the wounds could be to another.

I knew it wouldn’t be a breeze.

I knew I needed someone who would stay.

It’s not that you are perfect; it’s just that you are quite possibly the most stubborn person I have ever met.

Thank you for showing me a physical representation of the tenacity of the Lord’s love.  Just as you stay, so has He.  He has stood with me in the torrent of maturing, as you stand with me today.


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