3 reason’s why I don’t like New Year Resolutions.

That time of new year has come and well kind of gone.  I am a few days behind.  The time when people make their resolutions.  They look back at the past year and decide what they want to do different and resolve to do as such.  I am not normally a resolution person.  Here is three reason’s why.

1. I set too lofty of goals.

2. I am horrible at keeping them.

3. I then feel guilty and start this silly shame cycle of why I am a horrible goal setter, which makes me feel awful and then I spend then rest of the year trying to recover from my resolution failure.

So I don’t make them. I stay away from them kind of like the plague.  I set this half hearted well if I can…no pressure though….I might try to do this.  Or I might try to complete that. Really what I am doing is hiding.   I am hiding from changing myself. Challenging myself.  Growing. Maturing.  All because I fear the spiral of failure. 

This year, 2014…I decided my new years resolution…is to have a resolution. To set a goal and complete it.  Not lofty resolutions and not necessarily resolutions (as in plural).  But maybe just one and then complete it. 

As I grow older what I have learned is to become something different then what you are….you have to be it first.  Some changes in life are easy. They just come to you.  Some changes take dedication. They take commitment. Even if you faking it until you make it.  Maybe if I just decide I am a project finisher and  walk in that….I will become it.

This year I am making the commitment to becoming a person who completes things.  I will become a project finisher. I will eel that sense of completion on something.  That feeling of success. 

My three things I want to complete this year: (only chossing three as to not set to lofty of goals)

1.I want to finish a blanket I have been sewing for almost a year. And use up the various other baby blanket material I have.

2. Keep the  grocery budget I have set for our family each month.

3. Run the Avenue of the Giants Half Marathon in the Redwoods come May 4th. 

That’s it. Those are my three resolutions for this year. They each take a different level of commitment and they each challenge me to keep my head in the game and become that person who finishes things.


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