Ordinary love (Five Minute Friday)

To be honest, in my youth I have craved the movie kind of love.  You know, like Serendipity, Kate and Leopold, Last of the Mohicans, Wedding Planner etc..etc.  The love that see’s beyond all hidnerances, and faults.  The love that is extraordinary.

As I aged though, I realized that I didn’t entirely buy it. I dated and dated and tried to find the extraordinary love but my requirements were changing.  It wasn’t that I no longer wanted extraordinary love….I just that I didn’t want only that.

I began to understand I was looking for ordinary love also.  Love that was steadfast and strong. Love that didn’t grow bored with the boring things of life.  A love that would stand through bills, lawn mowing, mounds of laundry, yoga pants for days, no make-up, shower less days, sleepless nights, and many many dishes.  I wanted the wholeness of what love could offer.

Somewhere in the depths of who I was, I knew…ordinary love in the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

I knew it would make room for the beyond,  it would create the safe place to step out of ordinary and become the extra.


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  1. Stopped by (belatedly!) from Five Minute Friday and so glad I did. Your words are beautiful, true, and resonate with me, and especially this: “Love that didn’t grow bored with the boring things of life.” Thankful (with you, I believe) for a Godly husband who loves me steadfastly and wholly.


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