High:  Today I didn’t die, although I fought hard with doubt and sadness

Low: My nurse called in sick

High: Instead of yelling at Isaac to be perfect because I am overwhelmed with everything that has to be done with Katie Grace. I invited him into what was happening and told him he could be my big helper or big hassle time maker, his choice, I love him either way.  He choose to be my big helper and even carried the diaper bag for me without me asking.  I have the best almost 5 year old ever.

Low: We didn’t have much activity time today.

High:  Katie Grace had the best eye contact and communication with movement today then she EVER has.

Low: …… Well there is no low after that…..

My baby who wasn’t really supposed to live past 2, purposely pushed a button down to make music play.  She showed us a piece of her today. 

High: Although I doubt me, my daughter never does.


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