Transition…not my strong suit

Anybody who has known me longer then 15 minutes could easily tell you…..I don’t prefer transition.  I don’t prefer change. I just don’t like it. It makes me anxious and nervous and not having all the facts makes me uncomfortable on the inside.  Just yuck.

I love the same.  I could eat the same breakfast for months. I could do the same routine everyday and not get bored.  I am pretty cool like that. Or irritating depending on who is around.  I have to admit sometimes it is even irritating for me.  Change is good.  Change is nice.  Change awakes your soul and breathes in fresh life.  I have to work hard to hold onto the beauty of change.  I have to negotitate myself to make sure I get change into my life and enjoy life.  Not just walk through a routine. 

All of that to say, this past week and half, I have been cranky. I have been uneasy, anxious, not settled.  A change is in the air.  The time has come for Charles and I to start preparing to move back to the South.  While on vacation, I had a couple of dreams, and basically they said, it’s time to move back to where you know I have called you.  Start preparing your hearts and your life for a move. I think it’s gonna take some time before we move and then I think it’s gonna be fast. And I think the Lord gave us a head’s up, so that we can prepare, and by we I mean mainly ME.  Charles loves change, he could move in no time. He loves that stuff.

Needless to say, he hasn’t been grouchy or cranky or just off.  He is excited and preparing. He is seeking the Lord and embracing this what could be a long season of transition.

I however am the mess.  A unsteady picture of OMG what is this going to look like.  What is going to happen with Katie Grace’s medical EVERYTHING? Is all of Redding moving with me, cause what on earth am I going to do with my support system? Where are we going live? When? etc, etc, etc. 

Did I mention, I don’t do well with change or transition?

So, don’t be surprised if for the next little bit, my post are of ones of random anxiety and breakthrough.  Of tremendous gratitude and sadness. Of guess what God did, and oh my gosh what is God doing!!  I have a feeling this season of transition is not only going to rock my world, but grow me.

Welcome into my weakest strength,…Transition!

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