Five Minute Friday—- “In-Between”

I am a sold outer.  A person who only knows how to be in with both feet.  Once I see, know and taste where I am to be or what I am to be doing, there I am. All of me.  Whole heartedly. 

It doesn’t leave much room for in-between.  For the place of unknown. 

Matter of fact I am the most unpleasant in that place.  In the in-between.  It rattles my bones and shakes my soul because it calls me to be patient….to wait.  Waiting is hard.  Waiting requires maturity and understanding.  I want to do….go….conquer…….enjoy…be all in.

But life calls for the in-between.  Children call for the in-between…they are always in-between.  In-between baby and toddler.  Toddler and child.  Child and little kid.  Little kid and tween.  Tween and teenager. Teenage and young adult. Young adult and Adult.  Without the in-between we miss the opportunity to grow. To see change. To stretch ourselves. 

So this whole hearted sold outer has learned to embrace the in-between.  I am learning patience and maturity. I am learning how to whole heartedly embrace the in-between.  How to jump in with both feet into the unknown of the in-between.

5 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday—- “In-Between”

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    1. Marisa isn’t that the truth! You click on one thing and find yourself somewhere else reading someone else’s words and they sink into your heart and its like they were written for you in that one moment! I love it when God does that! It’s like He is winking at us saying “I got you!” 🙂


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