Katie Grace has essentially shown her strength from the day of her birth.  Every hospital trip, surgery, infection, and etc, she reveals to us the depth and width of her strength.  In general Charles and I are awe-struck and astounded by her.  Something about watching your child live and be strong despite life threatening illnesses and handicaps, brings you to your knees.

This week we found out that she has had what they called Pseudomonas.  It is a bacteria that builds up in her trachea because she doesn’t swallow.  That is the short definition.  You could Wikipedia it and it will give you a much for more refined definition. This information has possibly shed some light on the little mystery’s that have been Katie Grace.  Random fevers, yellow mucus but no other symptoms, excess secretions. We had gotten to this place where we kind of just said, those random things are just what she does, could be part of the brain damage, we just don’t know, this is how we are going to manage and we have done our best to help her manage.  And she managed.

My guess is that she has probably had this infection for a year or more and she has fought it. My brain-damaged shouldn’t be alive today daughter, has fought a standing infection without any treatment.

I am blown away by her.  I won’t waste much time sharing with you the first moments of guilt and shame I felt letting my daughter fight an infection without any help for the past year or more.  Cause that was there and once it past, it just left me amazed by her strength. By her ability to stand and fight to do life.

It inspires me to fight and do life.  My fight looks different but don’t we all fight to do life. To go after what we want; to embrace what we want to do; to dream; to pursue; to live.  She is my inspiration to fight. To live.

I know she doesn’t have a life-like other two-year olds and I know it isn’t the easiest life one could live but she LIVES.  And on tough days when it seems like all she is doing is surviving I want to remember this.  I want to remembering my daughter isn’t just surviving. She is fighting. She is succeeding. She is teaching. She is showing. She is loving.  She is living.

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    1. Natalie…thank you very much. I really enjoyed your last FMF and am looking forward to reading more of your blog. You have a thorough writing style that I would live to learn from by just reading! Thanks for putting it out there 🙂


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