Sometimes you just have to risk it!

There are times in your life when for the sake of fun… have to take a risk.  You have to be willing to do something you wouldn’t normally do…and do it bigger then you would have normally done it.  The video below my friends is me doing just that.

You see my amazing co-workers and I went on a weekend retreat.  Just  a quick three days away to renew ourselves. We laughed, we ate, we cried, we slept in (well as much as one could sleep in) and we found sand dunes.  Like we brought sleds just for the sand dunes and then we sought out the sand dunes.  Amy and I were basically determined beyond all reason to go sand dune sledding.  And this is what happened:

P.S I would just like to say that as soon as you stop dying from laughter…feel free to be amazed at my dedication and commitment to sledding.  For real…I was committed.



p.s.s Kelly, Amy R, Amy G, Ginny, Rebecca and Momma…this post is for ya’ll!


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