Lemonade stand

Sometimes, I think I am little bit like Brennan Manning, when it comes to my blog posts. Not that I write as well as him, or am nearly in the same arena as he. More in the way of that I really only seem to write about one thing.  Brennan was like that. He wrote lots of book and is an incredible writer, he just really had one theme throughout it all…GRACE.  It was his life theme and it was his writing theme.  Ragamuffin Gospel, was life transforming for me.  I basically sat at Starbucks and cried my way through the book. If you haven’t read anything by him, I suggest you do. He paints a picture of the Lord and his love for us in such an outrageous way.

I find myself writing a lot about pain and hurt.  About overcoming it, about living while it is happening.  About loving, laughing, enjoying, embracing, everything, including the pain and hurts of this life.  When I sit down in the morning with the Lord he seems to be opening my eyes to this life of not fearing pain.  Of not being afraid of what is thrown at you.  I have this picture in my mind, and its this cute white and brown wood Lemonade stand.  I am standing there with Jesus, and we are talking and laughing and smiling. Some pain walks by, some hurtful comment, some bad choice, some thing that causes strife, something that is supposed to pull the Lord and I apart instead of push us deeper into each other. That something kind of chucks lemons at us.  Sometimes they are HUGE lemons, sometimes they are just little lemons, sometimes they are hardened and sting a little when they hit, sometimes they are rotten and just kind of mushy.  Either way the Something, is the lemon chucker and as these lemons are being chucked at me, Jesus is handing me the water and sugar and we are taking the lemons and making lemonade.  We laugh, I cry cause it hurts, I learn because he teaches, He looks at me with adoring eyes, he cries with me, we joke about how that lemon hurt, we clean me off when the mushy ones hit, he cracks some joke about I possibly smell like rotten lemons, I playful punch him in the arm and try to push him out of my lemonade stand.  He pushes me back and playfully reminds whose lemonade stand it truly is.  And we are connected and bonded and grow deeper in our relationship. And although life is throwing lemons at me,  all I can do is have fun and grow deeper with the Lord.

I think we all have our own lemonade stands.  I think we all have some kind of lemons that are thrown at us.  I think Jesus is standing there with us, in all of our lemonade stands, the Master Lemonade maker, aching to let us enjoy the process with him. Now I don’t believe the we need to call down lemons, I don’t think we need to wallow in the pains and hurts of this world, that is not what the lemonade stand is.  We live in a fallen, carnal, broken world….fallen, carnal, broken things are going to happen.  We in our humanness are going to make poor decisions, we are going to think one thing and have another thing happen.  These things are going to happen in life, the question is what do you do with it?  Do you stand in the lemonade stand, angry and hurt disconnected from the Master Lemonade Maker?  Or do you throw yourself into his arms and ask him to teach you about lemonade?  Do you let him wipe off the mushy lemons and tend the bruised areas where the hard lemons hit? Do you laugh when he tells you how stinky you are and playfully push him out of your stand? Do you let him push you back and remind whose stand it is?  That is all he wants from us.  The chance to be who He is.  Playful, loving, kind, passionate, unafraid, and  powerful.

He just wants us to let him be the Master Lemonade Maker.

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