A month goes by REALLLY REALLLY fast!

I can’t believe it has more than a month since I have taken the time to sit and write. I guess that is just how life goes sometimes. I thought about writing about what we have been up to for this past month, then I realized I don’t have three hours and neither do you probably. I am going to do the next best thing….post pictures. Maybe make a comment or two because I can’t help myself.

Who couldn’t start with this picture.  And yes that is a doggie door 🙂



My mom can garden with the best of them!


Some gardening renovations…this bird bath was white and is now yellow and holds a very beautiful flower!


We had a special family Valentines day dinner. Isaac opted for hot dogs instead of steak.  I know…it’s a question I might not ever be able to anwser…why hot dogs?


Baby girl wanted to go see all of her friends at Mercy Hospital…so we had an almost four-day stay there.  It was very exciting and fun and boring….ALL at the same time.  I think she just likes to lay around in her diaper.  I tell her she can do that at home…apparently she doesn’t believe me.


My boy and I were able to sneak in some snuggles the night that Daddy took a shift at the hospital.  I tell ya this boy hangs in there with us and all we handle.  Couldn’t have asked for a better first-born!


Then Charles and I got to go the south for an amazing five-day vacation with some unbelievable phenomenal friends.  It was a glorious time full of laughter, deep talks, tears, food, and snow.


She welcomed us back with a week worth of intense morning seizures.  So much so this momma actually called daddy home one morning.  That doesn’t happen a lot.


This is what she looks like in the morning now. Seizure free and sleeping. Praise the Lord!


Aunt Jessie came by for a quick visit.


That of course called for pedicures.


Then jury duty.


More gardening.  Dug this huge bush up out the ground.

Then a trip to my place of refuge:


That basically sums up our last month.  I might need a nap.


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