Lie to me, I promise I will believe

The first week of Katie Grace’s life was a bit of a blur with everything….I remember some things though…like thinking this can’t be happening.  One of these doctors has to tell me good news.  It can’t be as bad as they say that it is.  I thought at some point, just lie to me.  Just tell me everything is going to be okay, that we aren’t really looking at brain damage.  I will believe you , I promise…my heart needs to trust you. So just lie to me.

As much as a realist that I am, I do have to say, sometimes I just want to be misled.  I crave more time to deal with the reality’s of life.  I need time to search for a fresh breath of hope, even if it is unrealistic.  It’s like when I was single and looking for “the one.” You know that elusive and ever-present, “one” that us girls have been told about by society since we could remember.  I dated men and imagined them being the one, I thought if you misled me, if you just told me this, or held me like that, I could believe you; I could conceive that you are “the one” and we would make it work for all the days of our lives.

It never turned out to be true though. Some of them did lie to me, and I did try my best to imagine. I held on as tight as I could but I couldn’t…..the truth would set in and my heart couldn’t betray it any longer.  I guess that is what makes the truth so superhuman. Our imagination and lies fall short, reality sets in and the truth wins; showing you the way to go.

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