Good Will…

Hunting that is.

(Please forgive the profanity in the scene above. I am not wanting to offend anybody. It was just a part of the scene.)

There are many reason why I love the movie Good Will Hunting. The scene above is just one of those reasons why it makes the movie my favorite. There is a reality and harshness to this movie that finds a way to always move my soul.

I am realist at heart….I would rather deal with the harsh reality of life than shy away and live in a world of lies. I pretty much believe you can overcome anything as long as you face it head on. Does this make life easy? Not really…there are some really sad things that happen in this world. Things that make you sad, things that really hurt. However that sadness and hurt is always there even when you don’t face it….so I would rather face it head on and deal with it so that it doesn’t run my life.

This is probably why I love Good Will Hunting. For me the movie is about that very thing….Will finding a safe place to deal with the sadness and hurt of his life so that he can overcome it and move on. About the relationships new and old that are in his life that help him deal with it. Within these relationships it shows the different facets of love….love that is honest, love that is tough, love that is tender, love that triumphs, love that is loyal. It also shows the reality of what happens when a lie is shown as love and what it does to the heart of a child.

When I was 19 I went through a time when all I did was stay home and cry really. Not like an unhealthy depressed cry but an I am healing cry. I had begun to face the hurts and pains of my life and Good Will Hunting was a means in which I could process those feelings. I basically would go to work, come home, watch Good Will Hunting and cry. I don’t have a lot in common with Matt Damon’s character, I wasn’t beaten as I child, I didn’t grow up in foster homes, I am for sure not a super math genius extraordinaire. It wasn’t necessarily his particular pain, it was just pain. It mended something in my soul to watch him over and over deal with his pain and as I mended I found strength and I began to look more and more at what was driving me in my life. At the pains and I began to go after them head on. That really began my journey to healing and it strengthened that realist inside of me.

It has been about 15 years since Good Will Hunting was released. It has about 13 years since I watched everyday for 3 months. Yet still today when I watch the movie, it stirs the same things within. It strengthens me, helps me remember the hope of healing, and always encourages me to keep going after what hurts the most. That life is not a black-hole of pain silently guiding my way into more pain….but a world in which I live. A world where I am embracing everything to the fullest.

p.s on a side note…it has some pretty funny parts in it also. For those of you who have watched it…how about them apples. For those of you who haven’t watched it…please do.

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