Favorite Song and Such

So maybe two things this morning.

1. After my random blog yesterday I decided it was time to bring a little discipline to this bloggers life…so my goal for the next 30 days is to write 1 post a day.  I spent countless minutes yesterday finding a guideline of sorts to help me in this endeavor. I am a little nervous….consistency is not my strongest suit. I tend to be an emotional writer more then anything.  However life is not made up of emotions alone…there is the day to day which is also an important part of our lives.  And truth be told…one day I want to write a book about my girl. I want to be able to communicate on paper the beauty of where we came from, and how she came to be and what we have learned from her.  She has changed this world for the two years that she has been here and one day I want to write about it.

Here is to practice and discipline.

2. Here is the first of my 30.

Music is such a powerful craft. The ability to move people with sounds and words…to create a connection between a song and a moment is amazing to me. People who have the gift of music…the ability to almost see the world in a song blow me away. I have moments when I am completely lost in a song and I am grateful for their gift…for their ability to be able to say in a song the words that I couldn’t quite find.

When I began to think about what my favorite song is…I actually felt a little bit of a panic come over me.  How am I supposed to narrow it down?  How am I supposed to pick one song out of my collection that moves me the most….that speaks of me the most.  I opened up Itunes on my computer in hopes that it would bring clarity but as the screen came up and the black titles began to fill the empty whiteness…my heart began to beat faster and my hands began to sweat.  There were so many artist…so many songs….so many that reminded me of a moment….a time in my life…a feeling…a memory. So many which have become a part of who I am today.

Although overwhelmed I knew I need to find a resolve to find something…just one song that maybe I listened to the most….that maybe moved me the most.  As the resolved settled, in my mind began to work.  I breathed in and out….and just thought…what is one song that is a go to song.  A song I play when I blog….a song I play when I am processing….a song I play just to play.  And although I have lots of favorites,  Tom Petty, Zac Brown Band, Sherly Crow, a couple Tori Amos songs, John Mayer, Joss Stone, Norah Jones, I could go on and on.  There is a whole hip hop/R &B, pop side I have yet to touch…there is one song…which I love.  One song which is just good all the time. A song that although it is 7 years old…doesn’t feel old and I still play it on repeat sometimes.

Fix you by Coldplay….it still hits that place in my heart. I still restores this hope. I can still get goosebumps listening to it.   This song is magical to me….in my humble opinion it was written under divine inspiration.  A song gifted to us through an amazing musician and his amazing musician friends.

Thanks Coldplay for making a song that continues to move and restore hope…years after it was written.  You are my favorite song.

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