I wish I could truly explain where our nickname llama came from. I can tell you it came from the Emperors New Groove but why we called each other llama and why it stuck….i just can’t remember.  However seven years later, if I call her by her real name, Charles asks me who I am talking about it.  So Llama it is. 

We met in college and just loved each other.  She is like this bundle of  mystery and an open book all at the same time. She is one of those people who you can just basically say anything you want to…anything…and she can handle it. She understands. It’s this uncanny ability to just understand…and then help. God did something pretty spectacular when He brought her into this world.

So why am I writing about her…because life didn’t hand her the glass of lemonade she was expecting.  And it’s not one of those she is this victim of horrible things, she made choices and decisions and they didn’t turn out as sweet as she would have prefered.  Once she figured out the lemonade wasn’t as sweet, she didn’t throw the glass against the wall and blame it.  She looked into the glass and said I added this and this and it isn’t what I want, so I am going to change it out for another glass. 

And it wasn’t easy. She walked away from relationships, changed jobs, moved across a little ocean…began again.  And she could have been angry….at the glass…the lemons…the sugar or lack there of.  She just could have but she didn’t go there. Instead she embraced it.  She embraced putting the glass down and looking for another glass.  She embraced the sadness, the fear, the unknown, the rejection, the hurt, the responsibility…she embraced it all and walked on.

I see her now…Facebook stalking really because it is as close as I can get. I see her traveling, skydiving, eating all kinds of crazy food….living life.

And I couldn’t be more prouder of her.

We all have things that happen or don’t happen. Things that encourage us to stop living. Things that tempt us to be angry or bitter or depressed.  The greatest thing I think we can do…is to live.  Is to say okay…that was not the lemonade I was expecting but it’s not the end of the world. She didn’t lose her passion for life or what it brings because her lemonade wasn’t what she was expecting.  Instead, she has created her own lemonade.  This mixture of life, experience, love, friendships, chocolate covered bacon, and beaches. 

She is my example for how to find the passion again.

How to not give up.

How to make my own lemonade when life hands me lemonade I wasn’t expecting.

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