I wasn’t going particularly fast…the turn wasn’t that sharp and in what seemed like no time at all,  my heartbeat was beating like I had just run the NYC marathon and won, adrenaline was pulsating through every tiny vessel and vein, and my body was shaking without let up.  Isaac was in the back seat tears beginning to stream down his face, I was counting down the seconds until the sounds of his cry joined the tears. 

It was unexpected for both he and I.  We were simply finishing up our last couple errands of the day. He was contently watching Spiderman and I was relishing in the silence of the moment (well as silent as it can be with Spiderman playing over all the speakers in the van.)

And then BAM…out of nowhere.  

The oxygen tanks in the back smacked down upon the ground and each other creating this awful, heart jolting, adrenal creating sound.  I am not sure if it was the sound of the metal on the metal or the unexpectedness of it all. 

But it left a mark on Isaac and I that day that we didn’t so much appreciate.  Two hours later my hands were still shaking.    Matter of fact…the thought of the sound right now cause my heart rate to elevate.


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