To placerville and back

So we made it!

And it was a much easier trip then I expected.  Katie Grace did awesome.  I think she really liked my Aunt Nancy’s place.  I think if you look close enough in the pictures you might see the slightest of a smile coming across her face.

We forgot the pole that we hang her bag on…we improvised 🙂


I like the country mom…really I do.

Issac had a blast with his second cousin Rylan.  You would think they played together all the time.  From the minute they saw each other they stayed by each others sides. They created a city in my Aunt’s laundry room, played in the hall closet, and busted ghost upstairs. They were quite the pair.

                       Is this a laundry room??


                              Ghost busting




                  Play closet

Although it took some planning and a moment of worry before we got out the door. I am glad we went. I am glad for the time spent and the shared experiences.  It was worth it.  It was soo worth it!

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