The Countdown has begun

My girl doesn’t like to travel…not by a long shot.  Her body get’s tight and she doesn’t get moved around as much.  I think it tires her out.  My girl likes her house with her stuff.  Just kind of how she came.

In about 12 hours or so I am about to load her up and drive four hours to my Aunt Nancy’s for Thanksgiving. This will be the farthest that we have driven with her and outside of a hospital stay the longest she trip she has been on.  It is only a two day trip we are taking and we are spending the night at my Uncle Jon’s house, so we have the comfort of family near…which is really nice and a great comfort to me.

The beginning of this week I put together a Excel sheet with all of the stuff we need to pack on it.  I called Lincare and had an oxygen machine and tanks delivered to my Uncle’s.  I have the pulse oximenter machine ready to be packed, her percussion vest packed, her neublizer packed, joey pump packed, her suction machine packed, food packed, medicine packed, joey bags and mickey extensions packed….extra even just in case.  I remembered clothes, diapers and wipes. I have got it packed up and planned out.

And you know what she did….she grabbed herself a fever…yup last night she decided she was going to have a fever. And this morning…she had an elevated heart rate.  The heart rate that is up there in 190’s ….close enough to the 200’s which just freaks nurses and doctors out.

So you know what I did…. I decided.

I decided we are going.

We are going to pack up as I have planned and we are going to go to Thanksgiving dinner.  I am going to keep her stroller and everything else that is already packed…packed.

This is one of those moments as a momma where I just have to decide.  Where I have to make the call. Where I have to say…we are going. I know you don’t prefer to travel…I know you don’t like it.  But it will be good.  I know that more then not liking it…you will like it.  This is one of those places as a parent where you need to push a little harder.  I need to be strong enough to say…”I know but we are going to do this anyway.”

So I did…and I am.  And in about 12 hours I will load my babies in the car with my husband and mom…and we will drive to my Aunt’s.  We will eat…we will laugh….family who have yet to meet Katie Grace will get to meet her.  And it will be hard.  It will put a little extra work on us.  Katie Grace will probably blow more snot then normal. She will probably run a fever.. she might even have a bit of an elevated heart rate.  But she will like it. She will love my Aunt’s house….she will love meeting family she hasn’t met. She will love watching her brother run and play with her cousin. She will love to be snuggled in at my Uncle Jon’s house.

She will be happy….I was strong enough to be her momma.

And smart enough to give her some antibiotics…just in case she tries to get something bigger like pneumonia.

I pray that you all have a great Thanksgiving…full of laughter and love.  Full of gratefulness and moments that fill you with everlasting memories.



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